How Brain-Centric Hazards™ Impact Serious Injury & Fatality Exposures

Exposure risk in the workplace is strongly influenced by culture, leadership, systems, and processes. Yet even when all of these factors are optimal, workers can still make mistakes. They may not see an exposure, recognize it as a threat, or execute job procedures as precisely as needed, and working with others may exacerbate the situation. These situations will leave individuals vulnerable to a Serious Injury or Fatality. This webinar will help participants understand how Brain-Centered Hazards™ materialize in the pathway of a Serious Injury and Fatality exposure. Additionally, the presenters will discuss how it is possible to anticipate, recognize, and control each Brain-Centered Hazard to prevent the onset of a Serious Injury and Fatality.

The overall goal of this session is to help safety professionals:

  • Determine if Serious Injury and Fatality Potential is present
  • Recognize how they are being impacted by Brain-Centered Hazards
  • Recognize how Brain-Centered Hazards can contribute to Serious Injuries and Fatalities
  • Understand how they can employ certain steps/processes to prevent the Brain-Centered Hazards from becoming a serious injury or fatality potential


Rajni Walia is a senior leader within the Brain-Centric ReliabilityTM team at DEKRA OSR. This team provides leading-edge solutions incorporating the latest in applied behavior and neuroscience to help organizations achieve “right first time” results in safety performance and greater Human Performance Reliability. 

About our Speakers

Don Martin is a safety industry veteran with over four decades of experience. His area of expertise is the design and implementation of environmental health and safety (EHS) management systems, risk management programs, fatality prevention programs, and organizational culture change initiatives for companies worldwide. 

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